Lived Time in Late Antique Egypt is a research project developed by Sofie Remijsen and funded by the VIDI programme of the Dutch Research Council (NWO).

The project examines how time was used and experienced in daily life. Its overall aim is to explain how late-antique multicultural communities in Egypt managed to live together, and how the everyday practices of all men and women had a vital role in reshaping late antique society.


Below you find an overview of all developments concerning the project.

Seminar with Johannes Thomann and Eugenio Garosi

The workshop of 7 February 2023 centered around time practices in the early Islamic world. Dr. Johannes Thomann (University of Z├╝rich) shared interesting examples of what research into weeks and weekdays in the early Islamic world could yield. This seems to be unscathed territory. He showed how literary and documentary sources, both in Egypt and …

Identifying unpublished papyri at the Allard Pierson Museum

The Allard Pierson Museum has its own collection of papyri. The project’s team is helping the museum staff to identify which hidden treasures still lie unpublished in the museum’s depot. Monday 5 December was the first day of this collaboration at which Sofie Remijsen, Elsa Lucassen, and Kevin Hoogeveen took a look at some Greek papyri. …