Upcoming events

13 June 2023 – Seminar: The Late Antique Festival Calendar
15:30-17:00, Bushuis E.101E

15:30 – 16:15: Dr. Élodie Mazy (UCL), Works and Feasts in Late Antique Egypt
16:30 – 16:50: Elsa Lucassen (UvA), Socializing at the Calends

The seminar will be followed by drinks.

Allard Pierson, University of Amsterdam (APM08621)

Past events

21 October 2022. Workshop: “Daily Life in Changing Times. The Agency of Ordinary People in Late Antiquity.” Read more

31 October 2022. Seminar with contributions from Elsa Lucassen and dr. Renate Dekker. Dr. Arietta Papaconstantinou (University of Reading) acted as respondent. Read more

29 November 2022. Seminar on the Córdoba Calendar with Cathrien Hoijinck (Radboud University). Read more

7 February 2023. Seminar on time practices in the early Islamic world with dr. Johannes Thomann (University of Zürich) and dr. Eugenio Garosi. Read more