Identifying unpublished papyri at the Allard Pierson Museum

The Allard Pierson Museum has its own collection of papyri. The project’s team is helping the museum staff to identify which hidden treasures still lie unpublished in the museum’s depot. Monday 5 December was the first day of this collaboration at which Sofie Remijsen, Elsa Lucassen, and Kevin Hoogeveen took a look at some Greek papyri. A nice coincidence: the last papyrus in the box –  an order to pay a wine seller, already published as P. Amst. 53 – turned out to be written on the 5th of December as well (Choiak 9 in the year 110/79 of the Oxyrhynchite era, or 443 CE).”

Sofie Remijsen and Elsa Lucassen
Photo: Kevin Hoogeveen
P. Amst. 53
Photo: Sofie Remijsen